A booklet to mark 15 years of excavations at the Ormesson site available online


This booklet was produced to mark 15 years of excavations (2009-2023) at the multi-layered Palaeolithic site of Ormesson in Seine-et-Marne (110,000 – 20,000 years ago). With 271 pages, it is the fruit of the collective work of around thirty collaborators, 16 of whom are attached to the UMR TEMPS (P.Bodu, M.Biard, O.Bignon-Lau, G.Dumarcay, N.Goutas, C.Guéret, L.Heccan, C.Lallauret, A.Legrand-Pineau, M.Leroyer, E.Lesvignes, C.Lucas, H.- G. Naton, F.Perron, C.Peschaux, O.Touzé). This booklet relates the discovery and study of 6 Palaeolithic levels, the oldest dating from the Mousterian with Levallois points and the most recent from the Solutrean with laurel leaves. (Bodu P., Jamon M. (dir.), 2023. (Pre)Histoires d’Ormesson. Account of 15 years of archaeological excavations. 271 p.). Available here : https://hal.science/TEMPS/hal-04307124

Bodu, P., & Jamon, M. (2023). (Pré) Histoires d’Ormesson. Récit de 15 ans de fouilles archéologiques : livret-guide. (CNRS UMR 8068-TEMPS). https://hal.science/TEMPS/hal-04307124