Pierre Allard

Research area

After a doctorate in 2002 at Paris 1 on “the lithic industry of ribbon populations in northeastern France and Belgium”, I have been a CNRS researcher since 2006, assigned to the “Prehistory and Technology” laboratory (UMR 7055), and now to the UMR TEMPS in Nanterre. My work concerns the study of lithic technical systems in temperate Europe from the end of the Mesolithic to the Early Neolithic (7th and 6th millennium BC). I work on the circulation of flints, the variants of debitage, but also the notion of territory and the social structuring of these communities or the contribution of siliceous materials in the construction of chrono-cultural sequences. I work in particular on the economic dimension of blade production workshops and the circulation networks of lithic products in the Early Rubanite Neolithic. My main fields of research are centered on the Parisian Basin, Belgium and study missions in Bulgaria and Slovakia.


Selected bibliography