Cimitero di Atella

Excavation of Palaeolithic occupations, Cimitera di Atella, Italy
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The Cimitero di Atella Palaeolithic site is located in the province of Potenza (Basilicata, Italy). By virtue of its geographical position and chronological allocation, around 600,000 years ago, Atella is situated at a key moment in the European Early Palaeolithic – a pivotal moment between the first wave of settlements in Europe, which date back more than 1 million years, and the emergence of the bifacial technical phenomenon between 700 and 500,000 years ago.

Historique des travaux

Following on from the work carried out for more than 20 years by Professor Borzatti (University of Florence), the work currently being carried out on the Palaeolithic site of Cimitero di Atella is part of a wider research project aimed at reconstructing the dynamics of settlement during the Early Palaeolithic in Italy (PALEO II programme, French School of Rome). The aim of the new Italian-French research team is to obtain new information on the landscapes, environment and lifestyles of the people who inhabited the Atella region 600,000 years ago. The data obtained will make it possible to take part in the debate on the first human settlements in Europe and the Mediterranean.

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